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Individual & Group Counselling Services With Your Health in Mind

Meet Anne-Marie

Registered Nurse Psychotherapist

I am a Psychology grad and an Advanced Practice Nurse, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health for over 20 years. I have worked with children and adolescents with complex mental health needs as well as adults with a variety of concerns including; mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions, trauma, impulse-control disorders, and physical health issues including traumatic brain injuries. My philosophy and practice center around integrating both physiological health and psychological wellness combined with a trauma-informed approach. My training and experience in several evidence-based treatment modalities (CBT, CPT, DBT, MI, Mindfulness) are applicable to most mental health concerns. My years working in acute care have given me a particular interest in providing support and care for first-responders and front-line health care workers (nurses, doctors, paramedics, police, corrections officers, firefighters, and military). As a helping professional experienced on the front-lines of health care and the justice system, I offer a unique perspective of support and understanding of the culture and needs of essential workers and first-responders. If this is you, please consider reaching out today.

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 I Support People Experiencing:

Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders






Impulse-control disorders


Physical Health Issues


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

- Maya Angelou

I have put together a collection of resources that will help you along your way to feeling whole. Please check back regularly as I will be uploading new resources you may find helpful

Available Resources

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I am now offering online virtual sessions for all my current and future clients. Home visits can also be arranged where this is clinically relevant. If you are interested in booking an initial consultation, please click the button below or we can connect via email or phone

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